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Blossom  (24 computer-generated videos)

The stamens are blooming delicately as if they are being drawn by paintbrushes. Branches are stretching out like the dancers stretching their waists. The petals are wavering along with the leaping of the music notes. The work is inspired by the ancient Chinese flower arrangements. It is a common activity of the ancient scholars in the cottages, in which this kind of art is deeply connected with Chinese culture and philosophy, embodying the ideology of pursuing harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.


The first work of the team “Finding Season” aimed at imitating the natural movement of ink flow, and the later work “The Beauty of the Rhythm” aimed at exploring the intrinsic patterns of ink flow; the team had been utilizing the features of ink art to investigate the rules and logic behind. The creation of “Blossom” is different from the previous works of this series, and is rather more similar to Cindy’s physical ink artworks in the past, which is to capture the beauty of the instant moment with special technology. When the artist creates artwork using technology, the controllability and uncontrollability of the program are very challenging yet produce unexpected effects. The artist created several series of video artworks, and “Blossom” is one of them. The gradually growing flowers in “Blossom” are seemingly familiar yet novel, they are a new subject cooperatively created by the artist and the program. The audience is witnessing the newborn of a flower species under the background of Zen music.